Tags: genre: fantasy


Loveless by Yun Kouga

Title Loveless: Volume 1
Author Yun Kouga
Publisher TOKYOPOP
Year 2002
ISBN-10 1-59816-221-7

Teaser/Reader Annotation Ritsuka stumbles into the shadowy world of spell battles and secret names while searching for the answer to his brother's graphic murder. How can he trust Soubi to see him through safely when he cannot even trust himself?

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Howl's Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki

Title Howl's Moving Castle
Writer/Director Hayao Miyazaki
Production Company Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Disney Home Entertainment
Year 2004
Run Time 119 minutes
Rating PG

Teaser When an unconfident young girl is cursed into the body of an old woman she must leave her home to enlist the help of one who can break the spell. Along the way she encounters magic, political intrigue, war, and unexpected romance.

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