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New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Title New Moon
Author Stephenie Meyer
Publisher Little, Brown and Company
Year 2006
ISBN 9780316160193

Teaser/Reader Annotation The thrill of danger is the only thing that makes Bella feel alive again after the sudden departure of the Cullen family and her beloved Edward. In trying to keep her safe, did they sentence Bella to death?

Plot Summary In the sequel to the best-selling Twilight (2005), Bella Swan faces a whole new series of troubles as the danger of being in love with a vampire becomes ever more clear. After a disaster of a birthday party, the Cullen family decides to leave Forks rather than risk the exposure of their secret. With the absence of her beloved Edward, Bella falls into a terrible depression – withdrawing from her friends and watching the days and weeks pass by without care. All of that changes when she discovers that she can hear Edward's voice when her adrenaline gets pumping. She doesn't care if it's real or part of her imagination; all that matters is that she can hear him. To help pull herself out of her funk, she begins spending increasing amounts of time with Jacob, her childhood friend from the nearby Indian reservation. Lately, though, he's been going through a series of changes and hanging out with an entirely new crowd.

Critical Evaluation The novel is written in the first-person narrative through Bella's voice, leaving the readers with the character bias and warped since of time. Because of her depression period and this narrative style, it becomes difficult at points of the novel to tell when events are taking place. There is also a problem with the psychological instability that Bella shows after Edward leaves and the general dependency that is intertwined with her character that negatively reflects on the feminist movement and seemingly takes readers back fifty years or so. She is not a strong female character in this sense, and often shows Meyer's own personal beliefs through her actions in the story. Another problem apparent in the book is an overall poor grammatical structure. It should have been more thoroughly edited for sentence structure before going to press in order to give it a better flow. Altogether, however, the book is a quick, enjoyable read with enough action and drama to keep the readers interested.

About the Author Stephenie Meyer (December 24, 1973) was born in Hartford, Conneticut to parents Stephen and Candy Morgan. They did not stay on the East Coast, though, but moved to Pheonix, Arizona where Stephenie completed high school. She went on to study at Brigham Young University in Utah where she received her undergraduate degree in English. Stephenie met her husband while living in Arizona and married him three years before graduating from college. She and Christian live in Cave Creek, Arizona and have three sons together.

Meyer is well-known throughout the world for her best-selling series, The Twilight Saga. It has become an international phenomenon and has sold over one-hundred million copies globally. The book series set off a big push in the young adult publishing market for the paranormal romance genre. Outside of that, Meyer has written one other book, a science-fiction novel called The Host (2008).

Primary Genre Paranormal

Secondary Genre Romance

Curriculum Ties English

Booktalking Ideas

1) Bella becomes an adrenaline junkie in the book in an attempt to feel alive again. Discuss the risks and how easy it is to fall into a pattern of this type of behavior.

2) At this point in the series, who is the safer or better choice for Bella's love interest in the long term? Discuss.

Reading Level/Interest Age 13+

Challenge Issues None

Why is it included? The Twilight Saga is the most popular book series for young adults right now.
Tags: !book, genre: romance, primary genre: paranormal

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