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Dragon Age: Origins by BioWare Edmonton

Title Dragon Age: Origins
Developer BioWare Edmonton
Publisher Electronic Arts
System Playstation 3
Year 2009

Teaser Players must fight their way through a hoard of demonic creatures while recruiting allies and trying to keep the political entanglements straight. The character must develop the skills of both a leader and a warrior if he or she is to save the land of Ferelden.

Plot Summary The game begins with the back story of the mythical land of Ferelden and the plague of creatures known as the Darkspawn – demonic creatures that swarm the land every few hundred years in what is known as a Blight, guided by an archdemon dragon. From the first Blight onward, the land has relied on warriors known as the Grey Wardens to protect and defend Ferelden against the Blights. The game begins with the player's character of choice getting recruited into the Grey Wardens and taken to a fortress where a great battle is being planned by the king to stop the Blight in one fell swoop with an army of soldiers and Grey Wardens fighting together. Instead, the king is betrayed by his adviser who withdraws the army at the last moment, and all that survive the massacre are the player's character and a fellow Grey Warden. From there, the characters must travel across the lands to gain the assistance of a variety of factions sworn to help the Grey Wardens defend the land from the Darkspawn and defeat the Archdemon while trying to bring the traitor to justice.

Critical Evaluation Dragon Age: Origins is a game designed to be visually stunning and take full advantage of the graphic capabilities of the Playstation 3. That aspect alone draws in many gamers, but they stay for the game play itself. Players begin with a fully customizable character – choosing between three classes within three different races of both genders, and from there, molding the character's looks and voice to suit their tastes. The character's personality and sexuality is also of the player's choosing, shaped through the actions and choices made during game play. The script and background dialogue is entertaining, and the plot and variety of intrigues keep the gamers playing through the many hours it takes to complete the story line. What makes the game truly intriguing is that there are many different endings depending on the choices made throughout the story. Altogether, it is a great game that older young adults would enjoy.

About the Developer Bioware Edmonton is the Edmonton branch of the Canadian gaming company BioWare. The main company was founded in February 1995 by Ray Muzyka, Greg Zeschuk, and Augustine Yip. It earned its fame through the massively popular computer game Baldur's Gate and has gone on to garner a reputation for ingenuity and quality with console games such as Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect, and Jade Empire.

BioWare branched off into four different divisions operating under the title BioWare Group led by Ray Muzukya: BioWare Edmonton (the original headquarters), BioWare Austin, BioWare Mythic, and BioWare Montreal. Each of these produces games under the ownership of Electronic Arts.

Primary Genre Adventure

Secondary Genres Action/History

Curriculum Ties History

Booktalking Ideas

1) How is the prejudice against the various races reflective of the modern world?

2) There is no gender discrimination in the realm of Ferelden but there is extreme class and racial prejudice. Discuss how this could have come about and the consequences.

Interest Age 15+

Challenge Issues Non-graphic sex, Homosexuality

1) Become familiar with the context of the sexual situations.
2) Become familiar with similar games and their content levels and situations.
3) Get reviews from teenagers and adults familiar with the game.

Why is it included? It is one of the most best sellers for the popular gaming system the Playstation 3.
Tags: !game, genre: action, genre: history, primary genre: adventure

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