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Final Fantasy VII by Squaresoft

Title Final Fantasy VII
Director Yoshinori Kitase
Publisher Squaresoft
System Playstation - compatible with PS1, PS2, and PS3
Year 1997

Teaser This classic Playstation game takes players into an intricate storyline full of intrigue, twists, and plenty of action.

Plot Summary When mercenary, ex-SOLDIER Cloud Strife agrees to take a job for Avalanche, the environmental terrorist group working to take down Shinra Electric Power Company, he believes it to be a one time job. Assist the group in blowing up an energy reactor, protect them from the security guards, and get them out safely were his main goals. Instead, through a series of spiraling events, he finds himself on a quest to save the world. Shinra's energy reactors are sucking the life force out of the planet, draining it of the energy needed to maintain a world balance, and their production rates are falling. In order to counter this, the company is looking for the fabled “Promised Land” where they believe exists an endless supply of energy to harvest. The only people that can access this place, however, are a race called the Cetra, of which there is only one remaining – Aerith, the girl Cloud swore to protect. Also hunting down the Promised Land is the ex-General Sephiroth, whom everyone had previously believed to be dead. After Sephiroth summons a meteor, it is a race against time for the band of warriors to save the planet.

Critical Evaluation While the graphics are truly outdated and at times difficult to make out, the story line and game play itself far and beyond make up for it. Though the game was created for the original Playstation console it is capable of playing on all three systems, allowing new gamers as well as vintage collectors to enjoy the game. Like all Final Fantasy games, this one takes dedication and time to get through, requiring upwards of eighty (80) hours to complete. The fighting system itself is simple to learn the basics of, but difficult to master when combined with the additional statistics and equipment settings. The music is beautifully composed and fits well with the settings and situations. What makes this game truly remarkable, however, are the memorable characters, intricate plot line, and overriding themes. Altogether, it is no wonder that this is one of the most celebrated and cherished games of all time.

About the Director Yoshinori Kitase was born September 23, 1966 in Japan. He is a game producer, scenario writer, and former director for Square Enix, the company formerly known as Square which also incorporated Squaresoft. He joined the company in 1991 and has worked his way up through the corporate ladder to hold the current position as the head of Square Enix's Product Development Division 1.

Kitase has been in the video game industry for many years and has worked on some of Square and Square Enix's most famous and popular video games. He has had a role in almost every Final Fantasy game and their spin-offs, as well as the off-shoot projects such as Kingdom Hearts (2002) and its sequels. His latest project The Third Birthday is set to released for the Playstation Portable just in time for Christmas 2010.

Primary Genre Adventure

Secondary Genres Action/Fantasy

Curriculum Ties Environmental Science

Booktalking Ideas

1) What environmental and political themes can be taken from this fantasy world and applied to our current scientific issues, such as global warming?

2) Discuss the other options Avalanche could have taken, aside from environmental terrorism, to get their point across in the beginning of the game.

Interest Age 14+

Challenge Issues None

Why is it included? This is a classic Final Fantasy game that many argue is the best ever made. Despite the age, it is still a favorite by older and current generations.
Tags: !game, genre: action, genre: fantasy, primary genre: adventure
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