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December 9th, 2010

16 Candles by John Hughes

Title 16 Candles
Writer/Director John Hughes
Production Company Universal Pictures
Year 1984
Run Time 93 minutes
Rating PG

Teaser Every fifteen year old girl dreams of her perfect Sweet Sixteen. This one gets anything but.

Movie: 16 CandlesCollapse )

Clueless by Amy Heckerling

Title Clueless
Writer/Director Amy Heckerling
Production Company Paramount
Year 1995
Run Time 97 minutes
Rating PG-13

Teaser Clothes, popularity, and romance are essential to any teen girl. And, of course, makeovers.

Movie: CluelessCollapse )

Howl's Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki

Title Howl's Moving Castle
Writer/Director Hayao Miyazaki
Production Company Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Disney Home Entertainment
Year 2004
Run Time 119 minutes
Rating PG

Teaser When an unconfident young girl is cursed into the body of an old woman she must leave her home to enlist the help of one who can break the spell. Along the way she encounters magic, political intrigue, war, and unexpected romance.

Movie: Howl's Moving CastleCollapse )

Twilight by Catherine Hardwicke

Title Twilight
Director Catherine Hardwicke
Production Company Summit Entertainment
Year 2008
Run Time 122 minutes
Rating PG-13

Teaser When Bella Swan moves to the sleepy town of Forks, Washington, she does not realize how drastically her life would change. Falling in love with an immortal vampire tends to do that.

Movie: TwilightCollapse )

Hackers by Iain Softley

Title Hackers
Director Iain Softley
Production Company MGM
Year 1995
Run Time 105 minutes
Rating PG-13

Teaser Daring to defy a court ruling, blow his chances at getting into college, and being arrested for a second time, Dade Murphy - alias 'Zero Cool' or 'Crash Override' - and his friends must use all of their techno-skills to beat a deadly computer virus before it runs its course.

Movie: HackersCollapse )

Scream by Tokio Hotel

Title Scream
Artist Tokio Hotel
Production Company Cherrytree/Interscope Records
Year 2008
ISC B0011127-12

Teaser/Reader Annotation The breakthrough English album of the German rock band Tokio Hotel takes listeners through the highs and lows of the teenage experience. Sometimes you feel like screaming at the top of your lungs, sometimes you feel like you're drowning in a thousand oceans, and sometimes you just want to live every second for what it's worth.

Music: ScreamCollapse )

Humanoid by Tokio Hotel

Title Humanoid
Artist Tokio Hotel
Production Company Cherrytree/Interscope Records
Year 2009
ISC B0013478-02

Teaser/Reader Annotation The alienated life of a teenager from the real world comes through in this English album by Tokio Hotel with poignant lyrics and driving instrumentals.

Music: HumanoidCollapse )

Placebo by Placebo

Title Placebo
Artist Placebo
Production Company
Year 1996
ASIN B000000I3C

Teaser/Reader Annotation Speaking to the loners, the rejects, and the confused, Placebo's debut, self-titled album from the mid-nineties has attracted loyal followers from the beginning until now. From unforgettable guitar rifts to haunting melodies, this cd seems to capture the spirit of the outcast teenager.

Music: PlaceboCollapse )

Final Fantasy VII by Squaresoft

Title Final Fantasy VII
Director Yoshinori Kitase
Publisher Squaresoft
System Playstation - compatible with PS1, PS2, and PS3
Year 1997

Teaser This classic Playstation game takes players into an intricate storyline full of intrigue, twists, and plenty of action.

Game: Final Fantasy VIICollapse )

Dragon Age: Origins by BioWare Edmonton

Title Dragon Age: Origins
Developer BioWare Edmonton
Publisher Electronic Arts
System Playstation 3
Year 2009

Teaser Players must fight their way through a hoard of demonic creatures while recruiting allies and trying to keep the political entanglements straight. The character must develop the skills of both a leader and a warrior if he or she is to save the land of Ferelden.

Game: Dragon Age: OriginsCollapse )

Fable II by Lionhead Studios

Title Fable II
Director Lionhead Studios
Producer Microsoft Game Studios
System Xbox 360
Year 2008

Teaser In order to save Albion, a hero must decide whether he or she is going to use his or her powers for good or evil. Gather the other heroes together and save the world from chaos and destruction.

Game: Fable IICollapse )

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

Title Fight Club
Author Chuck Palahniuk
Publisher Owl Books
Year 1996
ISBN 0-8050-6297-1

Teaser/Reader Annotation After discovering that his consumer-driven lifestyle was empty and meaningless, a young man finds relief in Fight Club – the underground boxing matches organized by Tyler Durden – but there is more to this scene than meets the eye.

Book: Fight ClubCollapse )

The Secret of Dragonhome by John Peel

Title The Secret of Dragonhome
Author John Peel
Publisher Scholastic, Inc.
Year 1998
ISBN 0-590-59680-2

Teaser/Reader Annotation Melayne and her younger brother, Sarrow, are hidden Talents – humans with special gifts – that, if discovered, will be sent to die in a war they do not believe in. When they find refuge in the household of the Lord of Dragonhome, they must face down danger and betrayal while trying to survive.

Book: The Secret of DragonhomeCollapse )

Parrotfish by Ellen Wittlinger

Title Parrotfish
Author Ellen Wittlinger
Publisher Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers
Year 2007
ISBN-10 1-4169-1622-9

Teaser/Reader Annotation Angela made a simple change – shedding her female trappings to transform into a boy named Grady. He didn't know why it was so hard for everyone else to understand.

Book: ParrotfishCollapse )

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Title Little Brother
Author Cory Doctorow
Publisher Tor Teen
Year 2008
ISBN 0765319853

Teaser/Reader Annotation After a terrorist attack in San Francisco finds him wrongfully imprisoned and tortured by the US government, Marcus makes it his mission to take back the city through a techno-rebellion. Can Marcus come out of this with his freedom still intact?

Book: Little BrotherCollapse )

Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice

Title Interview With The Vampire
Author Anne Rice
Publisher Ballantine Books
Year 1976
ISBN 0345337662

Teaser/Reader Annotation When reporter Daniel Molloy follows Louis into the hotel room that night he thought he would be getting an ordinary interview. Instead, he gets told the tale of the life of a two-hundred year old vampire.

Book: Interview With The VampireCollapse )

Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice

Title Queen of the Damned
Author Anne Rice
Publisher Ballantine Books
Year 1988
ISBN-10 0345419626

Teaser/Reader Annotation While the vampire Lestat prepares for his first concert, the vampires across the world prepare themselves for war. But can the original vampire be defeated?

Book: Queen of the DamnedCollapse )

Heir to the Shadows by Anne Bishop

Title Heir to the Shadows
Author Anne Bishop
Publisher ROC
Year 1999
ISBN 0-451-45672-6

Teaser/Reader Annotation After the physical wounds have healed, Jaenelle still has to deal with the mental scars and holes in her memory left from the vicious rape years ago. She must find a way to heal herself emotionally and learn to control her wild magic in order to save the Realm from the spiraling political perversion.

Book: Heir to the ShadowsCollapse )
Title The Prince of Tennis: Volume 1
Author Takeshi Konomi
Publisher VIZ Media, LLC
Year 2004
ISBN-10 1-59116-435-4

Teaser/Reader Annotation Ryoma Echizen is no ordinary kid trying out for the school tennis team, but he has a number of obstacles to overcome before he can make it into the starting line up.

Book: Prince of Tennis: Volume 1Collapse )

Loveless by Yun Kouga

Title Loveless: Volume 1
Author Yun Kouga
Publisher TOKYOPOP
Year 2002
ISBN-10 1-59816-221-7

Teaser/Reader Annotation Ritsuka stumbles into the shadowy world of spell battles and secret names while searching for the answer to his brother's graphic murder. How can he trust Soubi to see him through safely when he cannot even trust himself?

Book: Loveless: Volume 1Collapse )

Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba

Title Death Note: Volume 1
Author Tsugumi Ohba
Artist Takeshi Obata
Publisher VIZ Media, LLC
Year 2005
ISBN-10 1421501686

Teaser/Reader Annotation When a young man stumbles across a notebook with the ability to bring death to any human whose name is transcribed inside its pages, he must decide how he will use this power.

Book: Death Note: Volume 1Collapse )

The Vast Fields of Ordinary by Nick Burd

Title The Vast Fields of Ordinary
Author Nick Burd
Publisher Dial Books
Year 2009
ISBN 9780803733404

Teaser/Reader Annotation Dade is used to being the closeted queer that everyone jokes about but no one really knows; it's his comfort zone. The summer before he goes to college, however, he begins to experience life outside of that cliché.

Book: The Vast Fields of OrdinaryCollapse )

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Title New Moon
Author Stephenie Meyer
Publisher Little, Brown and Company
Year 2006
ISBN 9780316160193

Teaser/Reader Annotation The thrill of danger is the only thing that makes Bella feel alive again after the sudden departure of the Cullen family and her beloved Edward. In trying to keep her safe, did they sentence Bella to death?

Book: New MoonCollapse )
Title Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Author J.K. Rowling
Publisher Scholastic Press
Year 1999
ISBN 0439136350

Teaser/Reader Annotation Twelve years ago Sirius Black was arrested for the murder of thirteen people and sentenced to life in Azkaban. Now that he has escaped he appears to have a new focus – finding Harry Potter.

Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanCollapse )
Title Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Author J.K. Rowling
City and Publisher Vancouver: Raincoast Books
Year 2000
ISBN 155192515X

Teaser/Reader Annotation Between the crazy new professor and reinstatement of a Tournament that has not been successfully played in centuries, Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is one he will never forget.

Book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireCollapse )
Title The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition
Author Douglas Adams
Publisher Crown
Year 2004
ISBN 1400052939

Teaser/Reader Annotation Remember to carry a towel, and whatever you do, don't panic and your trip across the galaxy will turn out alright in the end. Well, so long as you don't spur the curiosity of Mice as Arthur Dent did.

Book: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyCollapse )
Title I Know What You Did Last Summer
Author Lois Duncan
Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Year 2010, revised edition
ISBN-13 978-0316098991

Teaser/Reader Annotation They did not mean to hit the young boy; it was an accident that they all made a pact to forget. A year later, however, their past comes back to haunt them.

Book: I Know What You Did Last SummerCollapse )

Disturbing Behavior by John Whitman

Title Disturbing Behavior
Author John Whitman
Screenplay Author Scott Rosenberg
City and Publisher New York: Bantam Books
Year 1998
ISBN 0-553-57139-7

Teaser/Reader Annotation Steve, Gavin, and Rachel must discover the sinister deeds lurking behind the perfect behavior of Cradle Bay's Blue Ribbons society before they, too, are swallowed up by the situation.

Book: Disturbing BehaviorCollapse )

Holes by Louis Sachar

Title Holes
Author Louis Sachar
City and Publisher New York: Dell Yearling
Year 1998
ISBN 0-440-41480-6

Teaser/Reader Annotation Stanley Yelnats IV always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. When his bad luck gets him sent to a juvenile correction camp, he must discover the truth behind Camp Greenlake.

Book: HolesCollapse )

Fearless: Volume 1 by Francine Pascal

Title Fearless: Volume 1
Author Francine Pascal
City and Publisher New York: Pocket Pulse
Year 1999
ISBN 0-671-03941-5

Teaser/Reader Annotation Gaia is just like any other teenage girl, with one exception: she was born without the fear gene.

Book: Fearless: Volume 1Collapse )

Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

Title Battle Royale
Author Koushun Takami
Publisher VIZ Media, LLC.
Year 2003
ISBN-13 978-1569317785

Teaser/Reader Annotation When forty-two confused, hapless students are abducted by the government and told they must fight until only one remains it becomes a matter of survival. Can three students keep true to their principles and escape the island alive?

Book: Battle RoyaleCollapse )
Title The Prodigal Sun: Evergence Series #1
Primary Author Sean Williams
Secondary Author Shane Dix
Publisher Ace
Year 1999
ISBN-13 978-0441006724

Teaser/Reader Annotation Roche is an unwitting pawn in the galactic game being played, but despite all odds, she is determined to carry out her mission and deliver the all-too-important cargo.

Book: The Prodigal SunCollapse )

Rainbow Boys by Alex Sánchez

Title Rainbow Boys
Author Alex Sánchez
Publisher Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Year 2001
ISBN 0689841000

Teaser/Reader Annotation This is the story of three high school seniors struggling to find acceptance both within themselves and from the world around them. It's not easy being different.

Book: Rainbow BoysCollapse )

Bleach: Volume 1 by Tite Kubo

Title Bleach: Volume 1, Collector's Edition
Author Tite Kubo
Publisher VIZ Media, LLC
Year 2008
ISBN-10 1421525763

Teaser/Reader Annotation When a lost soul from the spirit world begins a rampage through the city, Ichigo Kurosaki must accept his destiny and take up the role of substitute Soul Reaper.

Book: Bleach: Volume 1Collapse )

Gravitation: Volume 1 by Maki Murakami

Title Gravitation: Volume 1
Author Maki Murakami
Publisher TokyoPop
Year 2003
ISBN-10 1591823331

Teaser/Reader Annotation Becoming a rock star is not easy: the teenaged Shuichi Shindou finds this out the hard way. Can his band overcome the obstacles and reach stardom?

Book: Gravitation: Volume 1Collapse )

An Audience for Einstein by Mark Wakely

Title An Audience for Einstein
Author Mark Wakely
Publisher Mundania Press
Year 2005
ISBN 1594260966

Teaser/Reader Annotation An Audience for Einstein is an intriguing novel exploring the all-consuming quest for immortality and how deeply someone's morals can be twisted.

Book: An Audience for EinsteinCollapse )

Cosmic Calendar by Dale Carlson

Title Cosmic Calendar: Big Bang to Your Consciousness
Author Dale Carlson
Publisher Bick Publishing House
Year 2009
ISBN 9781884158346

Teaser/Reader Annotation While the sciences can be intimidating subjects, this book lays everything out in a clear, concise manner with detailed graphics to easy understanding.

Book: Cosmic CalendarCollapse )
Title The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Author Sherman Alexie
Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Year 2009
ISBN 0316013692

Teaser/Reader Annotation Junior, born with a medical problem that left him damaged, has always had a hard time fitting in on the reservation. When the opportunity presents itself for him to attend a better school, he grasps it with both hands and holds on firmly.

Book: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time IndianCollapse )

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Title The Book Thief
Author Markus Zusak
Publisher Random House Children's Books
Year 2007
ISBN 0375842209

Teaser/Reader Annotation Death takes an interest in Liesel Meminger when she is just a child and follows her story through the end of her life.

Book: The Book ThiefCollapse )

Freak Show by James St. James

Title Freak Show
Author James St. James
Publisher Penguin Group
Year 2007
ISBN 0142412317

Teaser/Reader Annotation The same old story – an outcast seeks the homecoming crown – but with a twist. Can the homecoming queen be a Queen?

Book: Freak ShowCollapse )

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Title The Hunger Games Book 1
Author Suzanne Collins
Publisher Scholastic Inc.
Year 2008
ISBN-10 0-439-02352-1

Teaser/Reader Annotation Katniss Everdeen must risk both her life and own humanity in order to survive The Hunger Games – the deadly television event designed by the Capitol to keep the districts under control.

Book: Hunger GamesCollapse )

Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn

Title Across the Nightingale Floor
Author Lian Hearn
Publisher Workman Publish Co
Year 2002
ISBN-10 1565117115

Teaser/Reader Annotation Faced with a new life in a new clan, Tomasu must take on a new name and learn how to deal with the dangers inherent to his new position.

Book: Across the Nightingale FloorCollapse )

King Dork by Frank Portman

Title King Dork
Author Frank Portman
Publisher Random House Children's Books
Year 2006
ISBN-10 0385734506

Teaser/Reader Annotation This is not your typical high school tale where the halls are pristine and the students straight from the Disney channel. This is the awkward, painful side of of youth that Tom Henderson knows.

Book: King DorkCollapse )
Title Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Lightening Thief
Author Rick Riordan
Publisher Miramax Books
Year 2006
ISBN 0786838655

Teaser/Reader Annotation Percy Jackson believed himself to be an ordinary boy, just one with a few learning disabilities. Imagine his surprise when he discovered he had Poseidon as a father.

Book: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Lightening ThiefCollapse )

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Title Uglies
Author Scott Westerfeld
Publisher Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Year 2005
ISBN 0689865384

Teaser/Reader Annotation Tally is looking forward with great anticipation to the day she turns sixteen and will undergo the operation to transform from an “ugly” to a “pretty.” As she finds out more about the dark side of the society she lives in, however, she begins to question all she was brought up knowing.

Book: UgliesCollapse )

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Title Speak
Author Laurie Halse Anderson
Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Year 1999
ISBN-10 0374371520

Teaser/Reader Annotation Melinda's near-mute status makes life difficult for her and everyone around her. She must overcome the terrible experience of her near past if she is to move on and face the world again.

Book: SpeakCollapse )

Teen Vogue by Condé Nast Publications

Title Teen Vogue
Editor-In-Chief Amy Astley
Company Condé Nast Publications
Issue December/January 2010
ISSN 1540-2215

Teaser/Reader Annotation Teen Vogue is the premier magazine for the aspiring fashionable teen. It goes beyond the clothes and make up to talk about prevalent issues.

Magazine: Teen VogueCollapse )

Shojo Beat by VIZ media

Title Shojo Beat
Editor-In-Chief Hyoe Narita
Company VIZ Media
Issue April 2009
ISSN 1932-1600

Teaser/Reader Annotation Shojo Beat is a magazine devoted to the types of manga that became so popular with female teenagers in Japan that they have crossed over into English publication, to the delight of the American fanbase.

Magazine: Shojo BeatCollapse )

GamePro by GamePro Media

Title GamePro
Managing Editor Mike Weigand
Company GamePro Media
Issue September 2010
ISSN 1042-8658

Teaser/Reader Annotation GamePro is a must-read for any serious gamer, giving you the down low on the newest, hottest games.

Magazine: GameProCollapse )

Seventeen by Hearst Corporation

Title Seventeen
Editor-In-Chief Ann Shoket
Company Hearst Corporation
Issue November 2010
ISSN 0037-301X

Teaser/Reader Annotation Seventeen is the magazine for the fashion inspired teen to turn to for the latest in

Magazine: SeventeenCollapse )