Shojo Beat by VIZ media

Title Shojo Beat
Editor-In-Chief Hyoe Narita
Company VIZ Media
Issue April 2009
ISSN 1932-1600

Teaser/Reader Annotation Shojo Beat is a magazine devoted to the types of manga that became so popular with female teenagers in Japan that they have crossed over into English publication, to the delight of the American fanbase.

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Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice

Title Interview With The Vampire
Author Anne Rice
Publisher Ballantine Books
Year 1976
ISBN 0345337662

Teaser/Reader Annotation When reporter Daniel Molloy follows Louis into the hotel room that night he thought he would be getting an ordinary interview. Instead, he gets told the tale of the life of a two-hundred year old vampire.

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Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Title Little Brother
Author Cory Doctorow
Publisher Tor Teen
Year 2008
ISBN 0765319853

Teaser/Reader Annotation After a terrorist attack in San Francisco finds him wrongfully imprisoned and tortured by the US government, Marcus makes it his mission to take back the city through a techno-rebellion. Can Marcus come out of this with his freedom still intact?

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The Secret of Dragonhome by John Peel

Title The Secret of Dragonhome
Author John Peel
Publisher Scholastic, Inc.
Year 1998
ISBN 0-590-59680-2

Teaser/Reader Annotation Melayne and her younger brother, Sarrow, are hidden Talents – humans with special gifts – that, if discovered, will be sent to die in a war they do not believe in. When they find refuge in the household of the Lord of Dragonhome, they must face down danger and betrayal while trying to survive.

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